Need vs Want

Brain: Why?

Heart: i dunno. coz we want to.

B: That’s not a convincing reason. What is the need right now?

H: we’ve always wanted to write right? this is a good place to start.

B: But we don’t write good English yet.

H: how do you know that? has someone ever given you feedback?

B: No, I can tell when writing veers into cliche Bhagat territory.

H: you fucking loser. that itself has become a cliche. the man sells.

B: Getting back to the topic, I dont think we are ready yet.

H: when will we be ready? you ve been saying that for years man. i just want to start now.

B: We can’t write 10 lines without a pop culture reference and you think we can start now? Learn writing before you can.

H: we’ll write a few posts. get the reader’s feedback and continue from there.

B: We don’t need user’s feedback. I’ve seen it. it’s boring and its uncreative. We’re too literal in expressing thoughts.

H: all great blogs start off simple. its only later that they churned out brilliant posts.

B: You want to write right or become famous?

H: is wanting both wrong?

B: No, but you need the expertise for that. Watching Tarantino’s movies does not count as expertise. Neither does reading from wikipedia. Real writing involves hardwork. We don’t want to become a cheap online whore.

H: my god man. don’t think so much. just let us be how we want to. you can sometimes leave the imagination to me.

B: But you can’t imagine?

H: i can’t.

B: So what’s the point?

H: You can. There is no point. You’ve got a good imagination.

B: How will you create a good blog?

H: I don’t create anything. Just forget that old blog. Failure isnt a for loop with your life as the length.

B: You’re getting off-topic. Don’t digress.

B: I am not. He doesnt digress.

B: I am sorry. I can’t fool myself anymore.

B: On with it then.


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2 Responses to Need vs Want

  1. Indy says:

    P.S: Narendra Modi is God. Modi for PM.
    **Anyone who claims that Godhra was an act of RSS can fuck off. This place is not for you.


    • T says:


      Thanks for the feedback. Please keep your comments relevant to the respective posts. I notice you’ve posted it there too. Kudos for that.

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