He sees them

He saw them once a week. They sat in the bench near the ground during lunch time. Coming to the college and seeing them gave him a sense of what-the-fuck-am-i-doing -with-my-life. It didn’t matter to him that they had the same conversation every time.

He: You saw the movie??

She: Ya I did.

He: Yaen? I thought we were seeing it today.

She: My friend asked for company. So I just went along. Didn’t you get the sms?

He: No.

She: Strange. See, here it is in my sent items.

He: K.

They walked to the canteen and bought tea. He wondered how they had first met. He couldn’t imagine but felt that some guys had all the luck. It’s not fair! They had finished the tea and were heading towards the bus stop. As they walked it started raining. They hurried to the bus stop. If there was a God he wished He would kill him right now. Of all time to rain it had to rain now when they were walking across the trees . Why? He checked his own phone. The last message had come 4 days ago from his friend confirming some movie tickets.  He didn’t bother joining them in the bus. He skipped ahead to the hotel where they met during the evening. They had just arrived and were ordering when his phone rang.

Dai enna da.  seri… seri… rightu… athukku? ippo mudiyathu. dai ippo mudiyathu da. seri na sollikaren vidu. bye.

They had left the hotel and were leaving for her house when he joined them again. As they reached her house she spoke :-

She: seri. paapom.

He: K. I am going for training tomorrow. Won’t be around for the next 2 weeks.

She: Seri. keep in touch.

She smiled and waved goodbye

He looked up. The fan was staring at him. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself. Enna da panra. He would visit them next week. He closed the movie window and resumed browsing.


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