The Sun Pictures Conspiracy – Prestige

(Please read the Inception before reading this…Thazmaiyudan kettukolgirom)

Suprabatham: Do you know about the water they serve in Kerala hotels?

X: No, what about them? And it’s restaurants.

S: It’s lukewarm with a hint of omam.

X: Are you serious? Don’t lie.

S: I swear. I was at Guruvayur once and this is what I was served in the hotel.

X: So what if I had something spicy. They still only serve that?

S: I asked the same question to them. They said it aids in digestion and cold water isnt good for health.

X: It must be a Guruvayur-only policy or something. You done with your tea?

S: Yes. So how did this masterplan start?

X: Well, it started out simply as an idea to make the first All-Indian movie that would make a ton of money.

S: But something happened?

X: So they hired the best technical team, director etc and started pre-production. In fact the plan started up north?

S: What!! You’re not suggesting…. Get out of here….

X: Yes, SRK.

S: He knew about this whole thing then?

X: Of course not. He was merely a puppet. So the plan was put into action and was slowly progressing when it happened.

S: What?

X: When the sun shone upon us.  He silently approached the team wanting to talk.

S: …..

X: He said he had something better planned. Merely making a Big movie was not a great task. Besides that had already been done in 1948, no he had planned something deeper.

S: (Scribbling in the pad: “sun shone.. i think he means Mr. Maran, owner of Sun Tv. not sure though”) Go on.

X: He said he wanted to take the project to someone else. And in doing so he took the project somewhere else.

S: So you came to the south.

X: Yes and finished the movie with the Man.

S: What’s the conspiracy then? You made a big movie with biggest actor in the country and its made a ton of money. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

X: Don’t you see! That is the conspiracy. No one has bothered about the price of the tickets. No one has questioned if high budget is reason enough to pay more in the theater.

S: So? Sun is evil for wanting to make money?

X: No, it’s the utter and complete domination that they achieved.

S: By not doing anything?

X: By not doing anything! yes. Finally!

S: ……….

X: THAT is what I am talking about. How many times have you seen the movie?

S: 6. (shocked) The scope of this beyond me. Will you testify?

X: No chance in hell.

S:  I….can’t do this alone. Who are you sir? And why are you doing this?

X: It’s just that…..

It was at this juncture that X fell from his chair and collapsed to the ground with a hand on his left chest and blood coming out of his forehead.

Later as reported by Sun News, it was concluded that X had died due to a heart attack. This was vouched by the people there.

2 days later Suprabatham was found dead in his house.

The case still remains open while the movie runs to packed houses at 3 times the normal ticket rate.

“So, for the second time, they
summoned the man who had been blind and said:
‘Speak the truth before God.
We know this fellow is a sinner.’
‘Whether or not he is a sinner, I do not know.’
the man replied.
‘All I know is this:
once I was blind and now I watch Sun TV.”


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  1. achyuthan says:

    Ubermachan… Super machan!!!

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