Those were the days! Already?

I guess its a bit too early to reminisce about the good old college days. It’s just been a year and a half. But what the hell, I’ll just go ahead and do it anyways. I am trying to remember some of the memorable events that have happened. But strangely the memories that keep coming back to me are the ones where nothing really happened. Sample this. It was a dreary Sunday afternoon (this was during the 1st year). Me and my roommate (his name rhymes with pesky) hadn’t eaten anything till then and decided to go out for lunch. We left the hostel and were walking towards the canteen when this hot girl from our batch (she lived a few floors below us) came along and asked “Where are you guys heading?” We could have answered this normally with a “Off to the canteen” but somehow my roommate’s mouth has decided it was going to punish him for keeping it hungry and periodically blocked the voice. So all that came out of his mouth during the conversation was a mix of air and audible gibberish. After much effort we answered the question and left.

I always wonder why I remember this vividly? It was an uneventful little thing that happened 4 years ago. Perhaps that’s why college is so much fun. What I could make out from the 4 years is that :-

a. We basically do nothing 70 % of the time. (the remaining 20% is occupied by the ogling)

b. Our tolerance to bullshit > the age of earth.

C. We never think twice.

Think about it. Sure there are the exams and the studying but what we really remember are the night before the exams, the evening after the project work, the break in between the preparations.

Our batch had the usual bunch of eccentrics :- the mustached entrepreneur, the banker (from PSBB, obviously), that dude who wears the cap all the time, the gaming genius, the cricket fanatic, that guy who drank in my room even when I told him not to etc. I was not part of any one gang per se. I roamed about with 2 to 3. So one gets to observe quite a bit of things.

Coming back to the tolerance to bullshit, it is truly incredible. Imagine that a friend calls you at 2 am saying “Machi havent eaten da. Want to give me company?” In any other phase of our life one would say “Go back to sleep da.” But in college one answers “Sure, I’ll be there.” Now this isnt due to some natpukkaga sentiment. I guess you realize “Hell, I am not doing anything right now, might as well continue this with him.”

“You want to loiter in the canteen? I’ll be there”, “Arasaangam at 11 pm? I’ll be there.” “You found her in facebook? WTF? I’ll be there.” “He’s lying drunk outside the toilet? I’ll be there.” Now why does our brain increases its tolerance level so high while not even thinking twice about the repercussions? I have no idea. But its fun while it lasts.

Watching bad movies: How can I forget this? It’s one of the hallmarks of any memorable college adventure. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching Manmathan on Saturday night at 4 am (it’s sunday morning only when you wake up) and concluding “Simbu is a rasigan da.” It helps if half the people you are watching such movies are drunk. I remember going to Vettayadu Vilayadu convincing the whole gang that Gautam Menon (fresh from Kaakha Kaakha) and Kamal would make a potent techno thriller. Later I watched in horror as the Raghavan Instinct took place and the gang looked at me sideways with a curious grin on their faces.

I remember when Orkut was the trend of the day and people wrote testimonials left, right and center, “what a wonderful chap that guy is.”, “I am not writing this testimonial because he is my boyfriend, he is a genuinely nice guy.” “He is an asshole with no redeeming qualities. But he is my friend.” Orkut had this early feature where you could track who was visiting your profile. I think they later made this optional. We didnt realize this at first and happily clicked away at the different profiles. It was only later when one such girl from the profile list politely inquired, “Hi, Do I know you?”  that we became cautious (Note the author’s emphasis on the “we” rather than “I”. This is done to reduce guilt.)

In the end one realizes that life in college feels like 9 seasons of Seinfeld or Metti Oli where nothing really happens for atleast 95% of the time. Yet we revel in it. Those truly are the days to remember.


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  1. Imeminemyass says:

    I am USAna.
    I rule NUS.

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