Pesky and the Frog – First Encounter

LOL. Yaaru Avana!! He is your roommate?
Frog: Why da? Athukku Enna?
Illa its just that….hello yaaru? ammava. dai one minute da (Leaves the room)

(10 minutes later)
Pesky: Hi.
Frog: You need help there with the bags?
Pesky: Nah. I’ll manage. By the way I’m ..(henceforth known as Pesky.)
Frog: Oh OK. My name is …(henceforth known as Frog.)
Pesky: What are you playing there?
Frog: Virtua Tennis…..Chennaiya?
Pesky: Aamam. from K K Nagar. Nee?
Frog: I am from mogappair.
Pesky: (unpacking) Where is that?
(Sampras 0 Agassi 15)
Frog: Er..somewhere near Anna Nagar. Which School are you from?
Pesky: DAV. Was in PSBB before that. And you?
Frog: I am from Velammal.
(Sampras 0 Agassi 30)
Pesky: Why not DAV? Doesn’t Anna Nagar have a DAV nearby?
Frog (I couldn’t get admission.) I don’t prefer elitist schools, rather go to the ones where normal people go.
Pesky: Velammal….isn’t that the place where that kid died when the teacher hit him too much?
Frog: ya. i came from that….I came from that only. (I swear today on Simran’s hips that my offspring goes to PSBB even if I have to mortgage by future wife’s jewellery.)
Pesky: I have a couple of pickle bottles here. Use them if you want.
Frog: (And he is a nice guy too. Crap.)OK. seri……..(coughs uncomfortably)….total evlov?
Pesky: Hmmm. Somewhere in the 1170s. Yaen da ithellam kekkara?
Frog. (Wipes the embarrassing sweat off his face.) Chumma thaan.
Pesky: Nee evlov?
Frog: In the 1160s.
(Sampras 0 Agassi 40)
Pesky: Seri vidu. It’s not a big deal.
Frog: (His Highness has spoken)……
Pesky:I am crashing early. See you in the morning…… I almost forgot. Which department?
Frog: Computer. Nee?
Pesky: Mechanical.
(Game Set Match Sampras)
Frog: Nightu.


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