Manmadhan Ambu Audio Launch

Yes we were there. We went bravely like a cricket team that has lost 2 of its players and its 12th man after the toss. It was quite a show. The hosts of the show were Gopinath (Neeya Naana) and that Jodi No 1 girl. The show began with Chithra and Mano rendering songs from Thiruda Thiruda. Chithra reads her songs from a paper torn from our 12th tuition/homework note. After that came the kids from Super Singer Junior who sang such thoughtful songs as come here boy, come outside my house and go, come smell me and go and if the sirikki smiles and comes then cheena thaana (Where’s Prabhu when you need him?) The audience had gotten irritated by now and so as a precaution they bought in Sangeetha first. She was visibly upset for being in the starters section and managed to say “Movie is nice. Can see once” She had to be reminded that this was not that Sun TV show where they question people outside the theaters. Then came Madhavan, running from the audience towards the stage straight from the sets of his new movie “Neither Chennai Nor Mumbai”. He said something about Kamal being great and how Kamal inspires him to act better. Next came our varungala Mudhalvar Thiru Manboomeeaga madhippukooriya Jerry Bruckheimer of India; Udayanadhi Stalin. I want to see my grandchildren in 50 years so no more comments on him. He said something about Kamal being great and how Kamal inspires him to produce better movies.

After an intro using songs from his movies K.S.Ravikumar, the director of such movies as Paarai, Samuthiram, Paataali and Periya Kudumbam, arrived. He said something about Kamal being great and how Kamal inspires him to direct better movies. Just as the proceedings became interesting they called the dancing troupe to perform to some songs. Some girls in the crowd went out to put dhum. When they returned they saw that Devi Sri Prasad had been introduced. What a shame! They had missed seeing DSP doing something similar to this. DSP said something about Kamal being great and how Kamal inspires him to put better music.

Trisha arrived next followed by Kamal who came from under the stage literally. The crowd went berserk. My close friend, let’s call him CD, who happens to be a Kamal Fanatic jumped out of his seat. He was so happy that we had to stop him from tearing his own shirt and make a leap towards the stage. Kamal said something about Kamal being ordinary and how this inspires him to act better. He sang a slow romantic song which made Madhavan shed a tear drop.

Once the cast and crew were introduced all the songs from the movie were performed by their respective singers. Andrea was hot. Finally they released the audio CD to the …..there were no special guests so they released it to some folk from the crowd.(unnaipol oruvan) This was apparently Kamal’s idea. That humble communist in him still lives. Once the event was the stars dispersed quickly. Kamal, that humble communist, had returned to his hotel. We ran to the backstage quickly in hopes of seeing someone but could only spot one of the dancers from Jodi No:1 putting dhum in a sandhu nearby. We congratulated him on the bravura performance and walked away.

In conclusion Say Thagudu Thatthaam.


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2 Responses to Manmadhan Ambu Audio Launch

  1. CD says:

    I have been saying something about Kamal being great and how Kamal inspires me, I guess its just happens to be a statement like the ones in your blog.


    • It’s an obligation for these people. Something in their contract that states :-
      “The plaintiff agrees to suck the respective hen’s husbands should they be part of a Kamal or a Rajini film”

      So I am assuming its different from your statement.


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