Dude, Arsenal Sucks

This thing has been bothering me for quite some time. It is almost becoming irritating now. Everywhere I go they are talking about it. In Facebook, on the trains at 11 pm in the night and at work. I just want to clear some misconceptions. When did this Football, Soccer English Premier League phenomenon start? Before I do anything I’d just like to make it clear that this is not directed towards those who have been following football since you’re school days or before. Frankly its quite pathetic to know your opinions. Who cares? Now those Gentlemen/ladies who have started following football English Premier League just 2 years ago..aah their opinions is what counts. I mean if you want to know about Rahul Dravid who do you approach, the guy who remembers his 95 on debut at Lords and that embarrassing appearance in Pepsi Ungal Choice(no video exists online unfortunately) or that dude who knows Dravid as the old axed player from Bangalore Royal Challengers?

I understand the basic idea of football. 11 players including a Goalki (in my schooling days Baski was generally the Goalki and he would walk home angrily since we didn’t pass the ball to him on a regular basis), some defenders, some midfielders and a couple of forwards. I watch the world cup when its on TV. But what is this English Premier League? How did it start? Do the teams represent specific cities? If so why is there a Manchester United and a Manchester City? And why is that everybody out there either supports Arsenal or Manchester United? Aren’t there other good teams like Athletic Bilbao, Deportivo La Coruna, Tottenham etc (I’ve played as these teams in some computer games)? When I first heard of an international league that everyone is watching I checked if Mohan Bhagan or Mahindra United are playing as well. No such luck. My roommate informs me that there are actually 2 tournaments. One where you can win the cup even after losing the last match because you have more points than the winning team. The other involves semi finals and a final with the winner being awarded the cup. Phew! The rules for doing insider stock trading are simpler than this.

Let’s for a moment agree that one can understand the whole syntax of the system. I STILL cant understand where this incredible passion for Manchester United or Arsenal develops from and that too in less than 3 years? It’s just mind boggling. Personal fights in facebook, delights at player transfers, tweeting the latest scores are some of the norms right now. I want to join this as well. I want to select one league out of all the million leagues out there like the Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria A etc and follow them(EPL.) I want to survey all the teams from that league and select one to support with passion like you guys.(Man U or Arsenal) After selecting that team I want to research about the teams, the players to cheer for (Rooney) and the opponents to jeer at (usually Arsenal.) After this comprehensive analysis I am sure I will have the expertise to argue with bloody Alex Ferguson himself regarding team selection and the formations before the game. Someone guide me. I already missed the Obama bandwagon 2 years ago. I don’t want to miss this one. I want to look into the eyes of an Englishman and tell him, “dude, Arsenal sucks.”


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12 Responses to Dude, Arsenal Sucks

  1. Test12 says:

    Sorry, you’re 6 yrs late

  2. Game-MW says:

    I have been checking out a few of your stories and i can claim clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

  3. sathiish says:

    When i first started watchin football it was Arsenal.. Then it became ManU.. it’s still ManU.. these are two of the hallowed football teams that you may start supporting without the risk of bein branded a glory seeker(ChelC supporters) among other such derogatory(for a football fan) names… Also thr are so many of them that you never feel alone..

  4. sathiish says:

    lol.. surely.. you can’t deny it,can U.? .. but the main reason behind this is to not feel alone or left out..

  5. Sanjay says:

    Poda dubbukungala.
    Vanthutaanga panchayat pannu.

    Gloire Gloire Arsenal.

  6. tamizhgelmet says:

    forget arsenal. who is behind harsonal these days?

    • Not quite sure. Makes for a good movie name though.

      Disclaimer: Blog owner is not responsible for gossip that redirects to this blog via Google searching your name. Please do not sue for defamation.

  7. Poondeh says:

    Stupid Hindu. Go back to your dirt and curry

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