She has left me

It has been a sad month. My past 11 years are flashing before my eyes..

It was a dusty Saturday afternoon circa 2000. I had just been to Vaazhaimaratthu Javulikkadai (Bananatree Clothshop) and purchased a pant piece. I was on my way to Lakshmipathi Tailors to give the piece for stitching when she first appeared. For some reason my eyes started to water. I was young boy then so this reaction caught me unawares. I was at that stage when after watching Monica bel She-Vampire bite a guy made me realize, “This makes me happy.” So I rushed to the doctor to confirm the odd behaviour. He told that I had nothing to worry about and advised me to sleep well. The pants arrived along with Deepavali. It was 5 am that festival morning. The first round of Lakshmi vedis had just finished and there was smoke everywhere. And BHAM! she appeared. My eyes began to water again. This was getting irritating. I ran inside the house and didn’t tell anybody. Months passed and nothing happened. I finished my 10th exam and set out for Chennai in KPN Travels.

I reached Chennai and began my 11th standard. I saw to my horror that she had followed me here too. I started noticing her more regularly; during PT period, lunch and the after-school cycle drive to the house. I was afraid of talking to anyone about this. I visited a doctor again. He too advised me to sleep well and mentioned that this was probably an age-related thing. Time went on. I got used to her regular appearance. My eyes became used to her though they still watered. My friends and I started noticing other girls in the school.(machan ponnultimate da) The lazy 11th led to an equally lazy 12th standard. We started attending tutition classes to prepare for Public. I was now cycling from house-school-house-tuition-house. It was a rigorous routine. She disappeared during this time. Was my cycling affecting her? I couldn’t bother to find out. The study holidays approached and the tuitions ended. She was back again in full force. I had to contend with her AND prepare for the exam in the house. This was becoming quite troubling. No matter, I persevered and finished the exams well. I was now leaving for my University. I was quite sure she wouldn’t follow me there, especially considering the place I was going.

I reached the university. A lot of changes took place. I was asked to tweak from Annen to Anna in order to avoid social faux pas. I was informed that people from State Board couldn’t survive in the university. I slowly adjusted to the new place and the new roommate. He noticed something strange during the nights. He intimated me about this. To my shock I realized that SHE had reached here too. I was so busy with…..studies…stuff that I hadn’t noticed her arrival. I jolted out of bed. This was impossible. This was a different place, different time. She couldn’t be here. Not now. Much to my roommate’s irritation she started visiting me every night. He couldn’t sleep comfortably. I told him I couldn’t do much about it. He screamed back, “dai naaye its a bloody disease. You have to let go.” But somethings are easier said than done. The university life went on. All my friends had noticed me with her. Some would laugh while others were more sympathetic including the guy who said machan you look like Visu with a towel da.

The university life finished so quickly that I barely managed to finish sneezing. I am working now. She was still here some time back. I took a day off once a month to recover from her. But over the past one month she has simply disappeared. She came and went like a breeze. I am saddened. My dust allergy has left me.



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