For the first time…

Idhayam Murali and S.Ve. Shekher smiled for the camera. He switched off the DVD player. He had just finished watching Thangamani Rangamani, the follow-up to Sahadevan Mahadevan.. Or did it come before? He couldn’t quite remember. He decided that he would check it out later. It was almost time to leave for work. He got up and walked towards the balcony. The wind blew gently. Aah..the pleasures of a mid-morning stretch. Only a towel came between him and nature. His wife came up to him as he opened the Parachute bottle. She offered him the Honey Kashayam. He had almost forgotten it. He felt happy that his wife understood it’s importance. He drank it and resumed the activity of oil-application. His son ran from his room to the kitchen. He stopped him and inquired :-

“What’s this I hear that you’ve failed in Moral Science?”
His son replied., “Sorry pa, ellathukkum oru first time irukkula.”
He couldn’t suppress his smile. He continued, “Adhu seri da…but how does one fail in Moral Science? It’s not even a proper exams…usually a girl who is about to marry within the next 3 months takes the class.”
“Aamaam pa…that was the problem.”

He was surprised at this revelation. He tried to examine further but his son cut him short informing him that the towel was coming down and ran away. He caught it in the nick of time and walked off.
He had his bath, finished eating and was about to board his car when the phone rang. He picked it up :-

“Hello Yaarunga….seri….enna venum……blogna?……oho…..appidiya….interviewva….sorry thambi, naan romba busy……..athu puriyuthu pa but 2 weeksla pongal……i have too much work…..ok….paapom.”

He reached his workplace. His secretary passed him the Schedule sheet as he entered. Great….the Pongal line-up was out. More rehearsals….more tension.. The playback singer walked past him. She was going to record a song for an upcoming serial. There was something about a singer’s recognition among the masses that he envied. People enjoyed hearing them. He was confined to the shadows. He knew that the moment he opened his mouth in a public gathering, people would break down in laughter. He hurried to reach the recording room. He was stopped en route. A reality show was being rehearsed and people were not allowed to cross the room. He waited for the contestant to finish crying as the violin gave her sadness company in the background. The crew dispersed and he reached the recording room.

He walked in. His assistant was standing there. He smiled to himself at the idea of people still assisting him.

assistant: Polama sir.
Him: Vaanga. I have the schedule. Anything other than that?
assistant: Avlov thaan sir. Inthaanga microphone. one thing sir… remember to inform that they are supposed to enjoy Pongal with us.
Him: LOL. Got it.

He opened the schedule sheet. He whistled to himself looking at the big productions that were listed. He chuckled at the thought of how a person could destroy the spirit of festivals merely with a voice. His eyes fell on two items on the day before Pongal :-

Special Show: Thangamani Rangamani (1989)
Night Show: Sahadevan Mahadevan (1988)

So it WAS a follow-up. He had been right. He smiled and started…..

Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudhal muraiyaaga……


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4 Responses to For the first time…

  1. Vijay says:

    Haha this one was good. He is one guy who Sun TV (or KTV? Kailgnar too?) cannot fire. Maybe he should have copyrighted those words just in case.

    Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudhal muraiyaaga.. (wow something great is coming up!)
    Thiraiku vandhu sila maadhangaley aana (wow awesome!!!)
    Putham pudhiya Mega hit thiraipadam (WOW!! but if it released recently and is Mega hit it shouldn’t be on TV. but who cares)

    … Sura (zzz. home rights pa)

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