Perspective – Vetti Pechu, Kutti pochu?

(Signing in……SARajkumarfan is online.)
(SARajkumarfan is listening to Paanipoori.)

brokenBaleward: oi..
SARajkumarfan: enna da..
bB: Send me Army of Shadows da. It’s on Ebert’s “Great Movies” list.
SAR: Oh, I don’t have my harddisk da. It’s doing the rounds.
bB: Damn. Seri, so 6 tickets confirmed for tonight right?
SAR: Ya.
bB: How is he? (SAR’s roommate)
SAR: Avana. He’s drunk himself silly for the past 2 days. Keeps mistaking the microwave oven for the wash basin. Enna prechanayo….
longLostTraveller: hi!

SAR: hi da.
longLostTraveller: hi! i just took an IQ quiz here.. got a 113 lol… I thought I was smarter than that
longLostTraveller: you should see if you can do better than me… if u can ill buy you a drink
SAR: Er…
longLostTraveller: try it… I bet you cant haha

(SAR calls up longLostTraveller on phone and informs him that his google talk account has been hacked.)

SAR: Ya. So where were we?
bB: Something about a drinking problem.
SAR: Uhun. I tried talking to him. But he’s not interested…..
VazhukaiViswa: WTF!

SAR: Enna da.
VazhukaiViswa: Results outa?
SAR: Yeah dude. last week. Out machi.
VV: Shit….let me check.
(After a few minutes..)
VV: Cleared. nalla vela.
SAR: Dai, where were you last night?
VV: I was..talking to my periyappa da.
longLostTraveller: Hi!
(ALT + F4)
SAR: Seri. BTW I need that textbook I mentioned that day. You have a copy right? I’ll buy it for half price.
(VazhukaiViswa is typing…….VazhukaiViswa has entered text…….VazhukaiViswa is typing……VazhukaiViswa has enered text…..VazhukaiViswa is typing)
VV: I sold it to someone da.
SAR: Oh. appo seri. Dai you are coming tonight right?
VV: Of course da.
SAR: Rightu. I just wanted to…
butterCup: hey.

SAR: hi.
butterCup: Hey. I need a small favour.
SAR: ya?
butterCup: I am unable to reach him. I’ve tried the phone as well. He tried calling me yesterday night. I was busy then. Is he there?
SAR: yeah. He’s totally drunk.
butterCup: Can you inform him that I can’t meet him tonight?
SAR: eh?
butterCup: Ya. I’ve got dance practice. It’s a make-up session.
SAR: Alright.
butterCup: Thanks 🙂
SAR: Any thing else for delivery madam?
butterCup: Asshole.

SAR: As I was saying.. he looked totally knocked out. Relationships machi…
brokenBaleward: Hmm…
longLostTraveller: Hi!
(ALT + F4)
SAR: This is why I prefer remaining single. Life stays simple.
bB: You prefer…lol
kaiPulla: dai.

SAR: Enna da.
kaiPulla: You have any extra tickets for tonight?
SAR: Saar, Enna saar Bharatanatyam practice ellam cut adikireenga? Last descendant of Vadivelu!
kP: Sigh. I joined so that I can get a room to stay for the next semester. Sold my soul for accommodation.
(Note: In some colleges doing extra-curricular activities earn points for the students. These points are then used when allotting rooms for students to stay in the college hostels. These activities may range from dance, writing, doing edupudi velai for random college events or simply knowing seniors who’ll just give you these points for playing an ancient Indian instrument called jalra so well. The last part is popularly known as “Networking.”)
SAR: Lol!
kP: Freeya Vidu. Anyways tonight’s dance class was cancelled.
SAR: What!!
VV: Machi.

SAR: enna da.
VV: I can’t make it tonight da. I’ve got to go meet my periyappa.
SAR: !!!
VV: enna da?
SAR: Periyappa! LOL!!!
VV: What?
SAR: ROFMLAO! Make-up session indeed. Have a nice time with your periyappa. LOL!
(hears the sound of his roommate calling out the other lions with a deafening roar before flooding the oven.)
longLostTraveller: hi!
longLostTraveller: hi! i just took an IQ quiz here.. got a 113 lol… I thought I was smarter than that.


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4 Responses to Perspective – Vetti Pechu, Kutti pochu?

  1. Thavala says:

    Iq quiz. Pwnage.

    Single by choice. Uber geth.

  2. Achyuthan says:

    Uber mass man… Err… Men… Whatever…

    I’m relatively new to this ‘blogging’ thing… Can you look into my blog to see if i’m worth a penny??

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