Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal

In the beginning there was North and then there was South. North looked down upon the south and its ideas of myth making (eg. MGR, NTR, Rajini etc.) The South, meanwhile, looked down upon the North and its ideas of using Eugenics to cover up its deformities (eg. One of the many Hindi films set in Europe). But you see here’s the thing; they agreed to disagree. Then some 4 years ago Sivaji released and the media decided that they would use this platform to mass-manufacture conformity. Of course you can’t really blame them as they were merely the messengers. So since then we’ve been subjected to this nonsense where people would wake up one fine morning and decide that liking Rajini is cool. They only had to look at their peers who were fans from the old days. These old fans are now looked up with awe. And thus began the journey of people who are not fans of Rajini but rather fans of people who are fans of Rajini. They try to emulate these ELDER ONES. I think they’ve been wandering without any direction these past years. So it’s about time they got recognized and came under a single organization. So give it up for the Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal.

How does one become a part of this organization? Well it’s simple really. The criteria is :-
You claim to be a Rajini fan AND:-
1. You think that the Rajini-movie that came out before Enthiran is Kuselan.
2. You are looking forward to Sultan which according to you will be “pwnr animation”
3. You can’t associate the proper noun “S.P.Muthuraman” with Rajini.
4. You think that Moondu Mugam is actually a good movie besides the character of Alex Pandian and a thrilling catfight between Radhika and Silk Smitha.
5. Your opinion of no: 4 is due to the fact that all you’ve seen of Moondru Mugam is this
6. You didnt realize that when the evil Rajini walked out first time in Enthiran, he was referencing Moondu Mugam UNTIL that Rajini fan next to you shouted it out.
7. After getting the information at no: 6, you now believe anyone who doesnt know this piece of trivia is a fake Rajini fan.
8. You link videos of Japanese people imitating Rajini in Facebook/Twitter/Gtalk etc.
9. You have no idea why some idiots keep mentioning “From 6 to 60 machi” whenever they talk about Rajini.
10. You think you’ve understood everything about the Chauvinistic philosophy of thought by merely watching this 4 mins video.
11. You think you’ve seen the entire Rajini movie Aval Apaditaan merely by watching the video at no: 10.
12. You think you’re more intelligent than the average Rasigar Manram idiot who spills milk while you spill misinformed adulation.
13. You think you’ve seen the entire Mullum Malarum movie by watching this 2 minutes video.
14. You’re happy that CNN IBN, NDTV and TIMES NOW are giving Rajini prime time coverage.
15. You never wonder why the channels at no: 14 never had a second look at Rajini until 2007.
16. You’re happy that the people up North “like” Rajini now.
17. You don’t realize that movies are very culture-specific and don’t just cross all the hurdles magically within 4 years to become a national phenomenon.
18. You were overjoyed when you heard that the “Thalaivar’s” daughter was getting married.
19. You laugh at idiots who still prefer Padayappa or Baasha over Enthiran. I mean c’mon what could be more accurate? Remembering that moment in theatre when Anandraj got clobbered from 15 years ago or something that the online reviews say is awesome.
20. You don’t know why I mentioned Anandraj in no: 19.
21. You have no clue who Anandraj is.
22. You think that the only movie where Rajini has played himself is Kuselan.
23. You need to open a new tab/window to find the answer the question at no: 22.
24. You still haven’t found the answer to 22
25. You don’t know what was Rajini’s first movie with Meena.
26. You don’t realize that the answer to no: 25 and no: 22 are the same
and finally :-
27. You think you’ve decoded the Rajini “Magic”.

So chaps, now that you (your conscience) have found out whether you qualify to join the organization or not, do spread the word around. Let us collect all these beautiful people under one roof and let them bask in their own awesomeness.

Oh, and before I forget, remember that all new members will be provided with discount vouchers to dine at Kaarthic Tiffin Center along with copies of the following movies to watch in their free time ; Siva, Kaali, Kazhugu, Thanikaattu Raja, Rajathi Raaja and Raja Chinna Roja. (Disclaimer: To collect the DVDs kindly go to Raj Video Vision. DVDs may not be free of cost.)

I’ve not seen too many female Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal besides in the blog world and some of the big cities. Girls are a bit more pragmatic than us. I guess after Mapillai, Mannan and Padayappa that was obvious. Although if someone reading this still happens to be a combination of female and Rajini fan, my condolences to you.


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9 Responses to Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal

  1. Anoj says:

    Please provide Kodi Parakudhu DVD also.

  2. CD says:

    You must have added this link to your photo on this post.

  3. CD says:

    Or even this would have been awesome:

  4. Love your posts! =)

    Rajini didn’t play himself in Kuselan though. Did he?

  5. Sadly, “consistency” has never been one of the strong points of Thamizh film makers.

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