A Green Bioserial

(TV producer and Channel owner)

Owner: So what’s the scope that we’re looking at?
Producer: I’ve got one word for you, EPIC. Here’s the script prepared by the writer.
Owner: (Reads) Hmm.. what’s a biopic?
Producer: It’s a film/serial that dramatizes the life of an actual person or people with utmost accuracy. It’s described it there in the script.
Owner: What’s “Citation Needed“? It’s here in the script right after the word accuracy.
Producer: Oh…I don’t know. Let me see…Hmm…must be a typo. I’ll confirm with the writer.
Owner: OK…so let’s see who this is about….(reads further)…..woah….about HIM?
Producer: Yes.
Owner: Are you sure about this? I mean, do we have enough market base for this guy?
Producer: Lol. Of course we do. I know various political parties which are ready to give their “aasirvaadham” for the show launch.
Owner: Why would they do that?
Producer: It’s election time.
Owner: Aaah. That’s OK. What about the viewing public?
Producer: Leave that to me.
Owner: Do you think they’ll be able to see past the horrific murders that he did?
Producer: Sir, in the worst case we have the language trump card sir?
Owner: What…you mean…
Producer: Yes. There’s a reason our language is 2000 odd years old. It’s so that we can use it as a Deux Ex Machina for any given annoyance.
Owner: Excellent.
Producer: I assume I will be getting a prime time slot?
Owner: Shouldn’t be a problem. So what’s the style that we’re looking here?
Producer: Style eh…we’re looking at the oppressed rising up together and fighting against the system…Something like how these guys got their own film.

(Courtesy: The Birth of a Nation)

Owner: OK. I get the general picture. So we’re looking at the man and his life?
Producer: Not just that. We’ll be looking at how he changed the lives of those around him.
Owner: Eh?
Producer: Consider this scenario. You’re country/state/village has been wrecked by the system.
Owner: OK..
Producer: All hopes lost…people living in eternal despair…and therein rises our hero from humble beginnings…
Owner: You have any reference point for this?
Producer: Of course I do. Take a look at this…

(Courtesy: Triumph of Will)

Owner: Pull arikkidhu. You’re telling me that you can reproduce this feel in your show?
Producer: That’s the aim….
Owner: OK. What about the police though? You don’t think they might object to the glorification of this man?
Producer: Like I said before, the “aasirvaadham” is all we need. The police won’t be able to touch us. So at the show launch I’ve prepared a list of big stars who’ll come and praise the party honchos.

Owner: Aaah…I understand. Ok. You’ve got my approval. Start with the proceedings.
Producer: Right sir. You will not regret this.


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