We are the champions!

The emotion cannot be described completely in words. We have waited for this day since the minute Mohd Kaif won us the Natwest trophy. That was when we started to believe that there were players other than sachin. It didn’t matter that sachin didn’t score a lot last night. He played the backfoot punch through covers, he played the straight drive that gives us orgasms..That was enough. And when you saw tears from his eyes, you know you cried. I did and I am bloody proud of it.

If you’re around my age, you definitely do not remember the 1992 world cup that much. In 1996, when you saw kambli cry, you didnt understand what it was all about or you probably didnt watch it if you, like me, turned the TV off when India were 98/2. In 1999, there was the century against Kenya, the 140. There was the 183 by Ganguly and another 140 odd from dravid. But you knew something was missing. You didnt believe we could win. But it was there in 2003. The belief came after the 125 allout against australia. The huddle had started. And GOD was playing in a different level all together. Even Nehra got a 5-for against england then. But when Zak bowled that first over, you knew we were doomed and when McGrath got sachin, that was it. You didn’t care too much about 2007, the whole thing was useless..

And then came the man. MS Dhoni. Captain of the team since 2007. He has won the world T20, took us to the top of the test rankings and now this, the only thing that sachin needed.

I’ve told many of my friends that the day sachin retires, I’ll stop watching cricket. But after yesterday I think i might just prolong it a little more.

Thank you Sachin. Thank you MSD and thank you virat kohli for that punch line.


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