Narayana and the First Drink

Narayana returned home after a hard day’s work. The logging industry was reeling under the impact of new legislation. “Damn you Jairam Ramesh!” he muttered as he entered the house. The day had been quite eventful. He had to break up a tussle between one of his customers and the area’s MLA. With a throbbing headache he sat in his chair as his wife served him coffee.

The group of friends entered the place looking for the drink. It was the first time any of them had left their elders and wandered off alone. They were all very young and were being led by the youngest. He had been warned by the elders not to take the first drink alone. They spoke of the mythical giant object which would crush them from the sky were they not careful. Frankly he did not care for such warnings. He just wanted to have his drink. For too long his older friends had taunted him. Not anymore. “I’ll show them. I’ll clip their bloody wings of pride.” he thought to himself as he entered the place.

Having finished his coffee Narayana informed his wife that he was going to to rest for a while. He reached the bedroom. The windows were open. “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO CLOSE THE WINDOWS IN THE EVENINGS!” he shouted at his wife. He closed the window himself. Resting in the bed he turned on the TV. Some Sarath Kumar film was running.

The friends after searching elsewhere found what they were looking for. They moved in delight towards the drink’s source. They had heard a loud bang nearby but were too consumed by the drink to think about it. The leader of the group felt proud for finding it in the first try itself. They reached the location, dug in and started drinking.

The movie had been proceeding in a leisurely pace. Narayana grunted. He felt an irritating sensation. He looked down at his right hand. WTF!

The drink was sensational. Everything that his older friend had said of the drink had turned out be true. It was pure bliss. He could not fathom how they could eat or drink anything else when something like THIS was available. It was at this moment that he noticed it. The Horror! The mythical object had appeared out of nowhere from the top. It was huge. It crushed half his friends. They died on the spot. The other half, including him, managed to move out of harm’s way. They scrambled to go back to their home. He had been wrong all along. “I will never leave without my elders henceforth” he told himself.

Narayana was furious. He went to the bathroom and washed his hands. He searched for the spray. He found it beneath the wash basin and returned to his room in seething anger.

The group was shocked. They could SEE the way they came in but were unable to go out. It was if an invisible barrier prevented them from going back. But he could clearly SEE the trees, the open sky and the flowers. He could not believe what evil stood between them and their home. He pushed with all his might. But no, the barrier still prevailed. He was stil pushing when he realized that he had difficulty in breathing. He started twitching. He noticed that his friends felt something similar too. As the seconds passed he found it became harder to breathe. He realized that this was the end. His last thought was of the drink and whether it was worth his life. He realized it wasn’t.

Narayana opened the window, threw all the kosus out, closed it and went back to seeing the movie.


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7 Responses to Narayana and the First Drink

  1. LongtimeReader says:

    Long time reader..first time commenter..

    Sorry to say this but the quality of your posts are going down, especially the ones with fiction and the ones where you try to bring it down to something at the end, like this one. The first few ones of this kind, like the “guy watching movie” was great, but its just bad now. Sorry, but i thought i had to post it.

  2. jOlnapaiyan says:

    “ana, yama thirudan”


    goundar vaazhga.

  3. Officially the FDA says they have found no difference between the milk of treated and untreated cows but you should also know that cows shot up with artificial growth hormones are more prone to mastitis an udder infection requiring farmers to then give the cows antibiotics. Pregnancy is a sensitive time and for me personally I day do not trust anything they produce to be safe because they control the science and the research on most of their products.

  4. Nalla irukku…
    But i guessed the concept half way through…

    BEE MOVIE paathirukkeengala??

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