Why Baasha/Padayappa will always be better than Endhiran

Over the past few days, I’ve watched Annamalai, Baasha, Arunachalam, Padayappa and Endhiran. What I’ve realized is that it is impossible to replace Baasha and Padayappa. In my opinion, Endhiran doesn’t even come close.

When Endhiran had just released, my co-author of this blog, T and I had a small discussion as to whether this film would stand the test of time. Would it be remembered in 5-10 yrs? Will people remember the scenes and dialogues. Neither of us were sure..but we definitely were awed by the film and thalaivar’s supreme acting, so we went to watch it again within 2 days. I hadn’t watched it since then..until yesterday. And while watching it, I realized, yes, the movie is brilliant, the music is awesome but there’s something missing. Maybe that something was an intro song, a save-the-world hero or maybe it was the fact that this was a director’s movie and Rajinikanth was just an actor in the movie. We aren’t used to that. We want someone who is bigger than the movie, we want someone who we can look up to, but that wasn’t to be found in Endhiran. The scientist character was too normal and earthly to be played by thalaivar.

Now, whats so special about Baasha and Padayappa that makes them better than any movie which comes out today? Or for that matter, even Muthu.  There hasn’t been a single song which captures everything about Rajini, like this one does.

And the charisma that he exudes in those films is unmatched. The black sheep scene was outstanding. But it doesn’t come close to this.

And, while talking about Baasha, one cannot miss this video.

I’m sure and can bet my life on this, most if not all the people who’ve watched this scene can remember even the train background which comes up as soon as Rajini beats up the first guy. That’s how memorable these films are.

Yes, a major part of these movies was hero worship. But they were really good commercial films with good stories unlike vijay or ajith films or dare I say, Dasavatharam. These directors weren’t the best, but they knew what the people needed and how to make their films last in people’s memory for a long time and Endhiran definitely does not do it. It hasn’t been 24hrs since I watched the movie and I can’t remember most of the scenes in the film. Endhiran does not satisfy a rajini fan like padayappa does. It doesn’t show you the rajini you want to see. I would spend a $100 to see rajini in a role like padayappa but would definitely think twice before doing it if he were to play an NRI or a scientist.

Or Maybe, just maybe its the fact that we grew up with films like Baasha and Padayappa and they’re closer to the heart than anything that has come since then, even if they’re better that those.


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