A Green Bioserial

(TV producer and Channel owner)

Owner: So what’s the scope that we’re looking at?
Producer: I’ve got one word for you, EPIC. Here’s the script prepared by the writer.
Owner: (Reads) Hmm.. what’s a biopic?
Producer: It’s a film/serial that dramatizes the life of an actual person or people with utmost accuracy. It’s described it there in the script.
Owner: What’s “Citation Needed“? It’s here in the script right after the word accuracy.
Producer: Oh…I don’t know. Let me see…Hmm…must be a typo. I’ll confirm with the writer.
Owner: OK…so let’s see who this is about….(reads further)…..woah….about HIM?
Producer: Yes.
Owner: Are you sure about this? I mean, do we have enough market base for this guy?
Producer: Lol. Of course we do. I know various political parties which are ready to give their “aasirvaadham” for the show launch.
Owner: Why would they do that?
Producer: It’s election time.
Owner: Aaah. That’s OK. What about the viewing public?
Producer: Leave that to me.
Owner: Do you think they’ll be able to see past the horrific murders that he did?
Producer: Sir, in the worst case we have the language trump card sir?
Owner: What…you mean…
Producer: Yes. There’s a reason our language is 2000 odd years old. It’s so that we can use it as a Deux Ex Machina for any given annoyance.
Owner: Excellent.
Producer: I assume I will be getting a prime time slot?
Owner: Shouldn’t be a problem. So what’s the style that we’re looking here?
Producer: Style eh…we’re looking at the oppressed rising up together and fighting against the system…Something like how these guys got their own film.

(Courtesy: The Birth of a Nation)

Owner: OK. I get the general picture. So we’re looking at the man and his life?
Producer: Not just that. We’ll be looking at how he changed the lives of those around him.
Owner: Eh?
Producer: Consider this scenario. You’re country/state/village has been wrecked by the system.
Owner: OK..
Producer: All hopes lost…people living in eternal despair…and therein rises our hero from humble beginnings…
Owner: You have any reference point for this?
Producer: Of course I do. Take a look at this…

(Courtesy: Triumph of Will)

Owner: Pull arikkidhu. You’re telling me that you can reproduce this feel in your show?
Producer: That’s the aim….
Owner: OK. What about the police though? You don’t think they might object to the glorification of this man?
Producer: Like I said before, the “aasirvaadham” is all we need. The police won’t be able to touch us. So at the show launch I’ve prepared a list of big stars who’ll come and praise the party honchos.

Owner: Aaah…I understand. Ok. You’ve got my approval. Start with the proceedings.
Producer: Right sir. You will not regret this.


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Exhibit C: The Letter

We raided the room of a 12th standard boy. We were acting under the instructions of Valayapathi who resides in a small town near Keeranur called Voyeur. During the inspection we found 3 items of interest. These are :-

Exhibit A: Signed copy of the bestseller, “How to hang around in a shopping mall, not shop and not look perverted.”
Exhibit B: CD containing a film titled “The Girl Who Locks.”
Exhibit C: The Letter (undelivered)

On orders from Valayapathi, the contents of Exhibit C will now be made public to the other residents of Voyeur.

Warning: Language may be abusive.

Dear XXXXXXXXX sir, (Name withheld on request from Mr. Palanivel)

How are you? How is your cane? Has it been sharpened properly? I’ve noticed that it is covered with rubber bands. I think it must bring you good luck. Considering that you’ve yet to beaten up by a student, I would say it brings you so much good luck that even a Josiyar would be astonished. Don’t think for one minute that we haven’t considered the option of taking the physical route. We are resilient by force not by choice. You may not know me; I am one of those 100s of students who you reprimand for not wearing the shirt correctly, who you scream at if they are found talking to a girl inside the school and who you snidely mock if they are unable to jump across the hurdles during the hurdle runs. So let’s get down to business here. Firstly let’s get to the issue of your job. I hate to break this to you, but its not a job. Carrying a kuchi and walking across corridors while giving an imposing look is not a job. My grandmother could do it. In fact, she actually does that job every month when she has to guard the appalams in the motta maadi from the crows. Speaking of which, you ever wondered why the corridors are empty when you walk between them? IT’S BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. There is a reason the PT period comes only once or twice in a week. It’s because the guy who designed the timetable knew that we have an incompetent idiot for a PT sir.

You have the audacity to talk about discipline during these periods while you ogle at that girl from 12 D. Ya, don’t think we don’t know. In fact even the girl knows. Pray that she has the decency to tolerate you. It’s because of you she is stapling her dupatta to the uniform these days! (Moral Outrage or Dissapointment? We’re not sure of the boy’s intention ourselves)You laugh at the people who don’t take part in the Sports day. It’s because we’d rather attend extra Geography classes than train for sports for under you. The annual day is your big day. You feel like a military general enforcing law and order among the soldiers. You yell at people who move around during the performances. You check and approve that our colour dress is appropriate for the event. Once again you walk around with that cane in your hand grunting now and then. Have you ever heard the story of the korangu which wrongfully entered a business conference? The people at the conference didn’t bother to notice it because they knew that giving heed to a monkey would only disrupt their work. So the monkey, thinking that it was in the correct place, went about grunting, and scratching all over the place. Quite a story eh?

Why do you think, in-spite of all this, we remain silent? It’s because we have an exam to write and places to go. You see, unlike you, people progress in life. Guarding appalams can only take your career so far. But don’t think we’ll tolerate your shenanigans beyond a certain level. Remember Elango! (Elango was the Botany teacher who slapped Murugesan, another 12th standard boy, for not drawing the cross section of diplococchus Mitochondria correctly. One night, when he was sitting in the tea kadai, a bunch of boys ganged up on him, covered his body in a blanket and …took care of him.) In conclusion sir, don’t fuck with us.

Your sincerely,

End of Exhibit C. Codename: Fatboy Confessions.


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Hi guys! It’s been a long time no. Did you miss me? I know, I know. I haven’t been updating as regularly I would have liked. To those following this blog regularly, (don’t think the number is greater than 10…but hey, stranger things have happened..) this is a formal apology. But, wow, what a busy few weeks it has been. From weekdays at the theaters to the weekends at the restaurant with friends, it truly has been fascinating. Plus, the world cup has started! Aah world cup, it brings back so much memories. I still remember the 96 world cup, sitting at home with X and Z (now now, don’t go asking for their full names) while Z’s mother prepared pakodas for us. Waugh twins sharing that gigantic partnership against Kenya, the battle between Venkatesh Prasad and Aamir Sohail (I mean, which Indian can forget that!) and finally that tearful semi final between India and Sri Lanka. I never did forgive the Kolkata crowd after that incident. I remember the 2003 world cup where Sachin hit that magnificent 98 against Pakistan (take THAT Shoaib Akthar..), Dravid silently anchoring all the chases and many many more incidents. I see that this the minnows are doing quite well this time around. Good for them.

Anyways, like I said before, life has been orey the fun for the past 2 weeks. I also checked out that TR that has been online for a couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it you really should, it’s really funny. It’s called “Suppress. Oppress and Depress.” You can find it on youtube. I also saw Nadunisi Naigal. It’s a parava illa film. (If any parents are reading this, please do not take your children to see this. It has very much adult content in it.) Director has attempted a new story but not very successful. I think Gautham should just make romantic films. Hmm…let’s see what else did I do. Oh ya.. I’ve started playing a new computer game called, “The Witcher” (haha…sorry guys, bear with me….post gets slightly geeky here). It’s based on a Swedish novel of the same name. The game falls under the RPG genre(for the non-gamer that means role playing game) where you take a character and develop him as the story progresses. So far it’s been wicked fun. Whattay! Anyways enough about games and all that..We wouldn’t want to bore the reader would we..

So coming back to the topic i wanted to write about. I tried writing a lot about things but somehow they didn’t quite come together. So I decided to just to ramble this week and write about topics in the coming weeks. So, that being said, I have come up with a plan. Why don’t you, the reader, suggest a topic to write and I shall follow up on that! This is a radical idea, going where no blogger has gone before (ha..that was my Star Wars reference.) The topic should be funny, cool and original. Like for example, “Is TR really a bear in human form?” (LOL, see that was funny no), or “Android is way COOLER than other phones with proof” ond so on. I shall consider all your suggestions and write about the funniest ones. Cool. So keep the suggestions coming. This could be the beginning of something totally awesome. Thanks for reading guys. Phew! That was a long post. See you laterz.


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The buttermilk was no more.

The Outcast:
“No da. You carry on.” His friend had asked him to come to the auditorium for the inter-college dance competition. Crowds rarely excited him. He was on his way from the library to have lunch. The route was empty. Presumably, most of the crowd had gone to cheer for “namba college da!” He wondered where his roommate was. He figured that the roommate would have gone to the competition as well. He made his way to the canteen only to realize that the whole place was messy. Someone had spilled buttermilk all over the place. Some of the guys were standing by the sides watching the spectacle. The canteen owner was wiping up the place. He inquired as to what happened. The guys informed him that some student had found a cockroach in the buttermilk. More importantly, the canteen was closed for the day. He would have to make do with the snack shop nearby. He was both hungry and furious. He reached the shop to find a long queue. He stood there cursing for a few minutes. “Thambi, what do you want?” inquired the shop keeper. As he was about to order the phone rang. It was his roommate.
“What brilliant timing asshole. What do you want? I am in a queue here….”
“Thambi, there are people standing behind you..seekarama sollunga.”
“Dai naaye…..solluda…you’re in the room seri…..not feeling wella….dai iruda…i’ll call you back.. Bye..later.”
He paid for his food and started walking back. He noticed a fallen figure with a cycle and a broken bat on the road. On closer inspection he realized that it was one of his friends. He approached him.
“what happened da?”
“dai some guy dashed against my cycle and ran off da.. Idiot.”
“Why didn’t you call for help?”
“I did. Tried calling everyone on the phone including my roommate. No one seems to be responding. Don’t know where everyone’s gone.”
He smirked. The dance competition of course. He helped his friend up and guided him towards the hostel.

The Spectator
He was sitting on the bus with his friend. “Why are you going so early? The dance doesn’t even start for another hour or so.” asked his friend. He replied that he was going early to get the proceedings started. He was holding a bag full of paper balls and rockets to throw at the other college dancers. He quizzed if the friend would also be joining later. His friend responded,
“Ya da. I’ll just have lunch and come. You carry on.”
“Hmm OK. Bring as much people as you can. We need more supporters.”
“Theriyum da. I tried to call my roommate also.”
“Yaar avana. I’ll try calling him also.”
“Haha. Good luck with that. The guy is a total loner.”

His friend got off the bus near the canteen. Soon he too reached the auditorium. The place was bustling with activity. He noticed that the teams had arrived and were going towards the backstage. Curiously the main dancer from his own college was missing. The team was furious. He walked past them and joined his friends at one of the corners. He remembered to call his friend’s roommate from the bus. He dialed the number and waited for the answer.
“Dai, it’s me da…why don’t you join us in the auditorium here? It’ll be fun.”
“No da. You carry on.”
(His friend’s roommate hung up.)
He spent some time checking out the new arrivals. This was one of the advantages of coming early. After a while the competition began. The auditorium was fully packed by then. People were requested to switch off their phones or at least put it in silent mode.
His phone rang. It was his own roommate. He last remembered him leaving the room to play cricket in his cycle. Too late. The crowd roared. He didn’t pick up the call. The curtains raised and the show began….

The Performer
“Thanks da for accompanying me back to the room.” He had found his friend screaming at the canteen owner. There was spilled buttermilk nearby. He calmed him down and bought him back to his room. “Can you imagine, a bloody cockroach in the buttermilk! I just hope the canteen owner is grilled by the college folk and kicked out.” He listened impatiently. He was getting late for the dance. His friend realized it. He said apologetically, “Sorry da. I know you have to leave for the dance. Hell, I wanted to cheer for you. Would have come there after eating. Wait, I’ll call my roommate. He can give me company. The friend called his roommate.
“Dai machan I…”
“What brilliant timing asshole. What do you want? I am in a queue here….”
“Dai naaye…..solluda…”
“I am back in the room….”
“you’re in the room seri…
“Not feeling well da…”
“not feeling wella….”
“Ya what happened was….”
“dai iruda…i’ll call you back.. Bye..later.”

His friend was embarrassed to look at him. He told him to leave and that he would somehow manage. He checked his watch. The show would begin soon. He made a dash for it. He was near the canteen road when he checked his watch again to ensure he had enough time. In doing so, he failed to notice the guy in the cycle from the right. BHAM!! They crashed and he landed just beside the cycle. A cricket bat lay broken next to him. He had no time. Pain would have to wait. He got up and resumed running without looking back. He reached the auditorium backstage. The compere was already out on the stage and he could hear the words as he entered, “…..atleast put it in silent mode.” His teammates were furious at him.
He changed his dress quickly.
“Doesn’t matter. Is there any beer nearby?”
“Ya. We kept some for the after-show celebrations.”
“I need it now.”
He took a swig and walked out as the curtains raised….


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Him: Acquitted…Freed….acquitted…freed….acquitted….freed… Oi, I am going to bath. convalesce…recover…convalesce…..recover
Him: (Enters the bathroom and undresses himself.)taken from the poem…..taken from…..line is taken from….(He empties his bowels, wears his dress and walks out.)
Mom: Dai ennada, you haven’t bathed?
Him: Eh? What?
Mom: Get back in there!
Him: Sorry, I er…forgot. Kalpana Chawla is an inspiration to all Indians…. (goes back to complete his bath)
(30 minutes later.)
Mom: Check the bero. You must have placed it there after filling it up.
Him: Got it. I also need my protractor for tomorrow. Better have it ready. Bye.
Mom: It’s in your b….
(Leaves for his destination in his cycle)

Him: The personal letter has 5 key points…from…..to……dear sir….subject….regards….
(Dodges the traffic in 20 minutes and reaches his destination)
Him: Machi, pass me the list da.
Friend1: Dai iru da. This line is taken from the chapter….taken from the….This line is…chapter….
Him: Naaye. I won’t steal your quotes. I just want to….


Him: the quality of mercy is not strained…..shakespeare……not strained…gentle rain…..not strained….gentle rain…heaven… (Enters the room. He is seated within inches from the black board.)
Friend2 (to his right): psst…
Him: Enna.
(His friend points to himself and then to the dustbin nearby.)
Him: What’s in it?
Friend2: (points towards his thigh….)
Him: Shakee….oh…bit…. alright. All the best.
Friend2: Thanks.
Him: Speaking of the devil, you know that “Hot…Hotter…Hottest” is being removed from tonight right?
Friend2: WHAT!!!


Him: (turns the paper.)antonyms….fine…..synonyms….not a problem….general essay….rainwater harvesting….poetry….keats…brilliant…ok let’s roll. (A voice in his head)Always begin with the 1 marks. If you get everything right, they won’t read your essays and simply put 8 out of 10 for them.

(Proceeding towards the synonyms)Acquitted
acquitted…..freed….acquitted…..freed….but is “freed” synonym or antonym?…..think da..

(A student nearby raising his hand) ADDITIONAL SHEET SIR!

Him: shit!!!!synonym or antonym you bastard?!!!think….you’ve read this before…..somewhere…think…..naaye…..OF COURSE!!! a newspaper headline.
(Remembers the newspaper headline) “The minister’s son was acquitted in the rape case.”
Him: So…..freed is antonym then…ya….which means….convicted is the synonym!!you’re a genius…..thank you Hindu!!!!

(Time passes and they are into their final 30 minutes.)THE FLYING SQUAD IS COMING FOR CHECKING!!!
Welcome sir…You had the samosas?…..Illaya….Anga irukku sir…near the canteen….free thaan…ponga. (The flying squad reach for their true destinations leaving the room behind.)

Him: General Essay….last part…..phew!! Rainwater harvesting…I need to begin with a quote. Hmm….think…think….of course….thank your Mr. Vaali and Kamal.

Rainwater Harvesting:
“Only if the sky cries,
The Earth will laugh.” – John Smith (1842-1922)

When it rains, we keep the bucket in the terrace to conserve water………

(Last few minutes…)TIE YOUR THREADS PLEASE!! Mr. Ramani stop touching that dustbin!!!
Him: (One final check…)yup…everything is fine…..page numbers…..roll number……and done.
(He submits his paper and walks out.)gethu po. kalakitta da.

(While collecting his bag, he overhears two of his friends)
friend2: They’re removing “Hot..Hotter…Hottest” from today da…
friend1: seriously???
friend2: ya da. Dai, apparom antha acquitted….
freind1: freed…
friend2: YES!!!!! (they proceed to hi-5)
Him: AAAAAAAA!!!! (throws his bag down and the protractor emerges, shattering into pieces..)


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Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal

In the beginning there was North and then there was South. North looked down upon the south and its ideas of myth making (eg. MGR, NTR, Rajini etc.) The South, meanwhile, looked down upon the North and its ideas of using Eugenics to cover up its deformities (eg. One of the many Hindi films set in Europe). But you see here’s the thing; they agreed to disagree. Then some 4 years ago Sivaji released and the media decided that they would use this platform to mass-manufacture conformity. Of course you can’t really blame them as they were merely the messengers. So since then we’ve been subjected to this nonsense where people would wake up one fine morning and decide that liking Rajini is cool. They only had to look at their peers who were fans from the old days. These old fans are now looked up with awe. And thus began the journey of people who are not fans of Rajini but rather fans of people who are fans of Rajini. They try to emulate these ELDER ONES. I think they’ve been wandering without any direction these past years. So it’s about time they got recognized and came under a single organization. So give it up for the Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal.

How does one become a part of this organization? Well it’s simple really. The criteria is :-
You claim to be a Rajini fan AND:-
1. You think that the Rajini-movie that came out before Enthiran is Kuselan.
2. You are looking forward to Sultan which according to you will be “pwnr animation”
3. You can’t associate the proper noun “S.P.Muthuraman” with Rajini.
4. You think that Moondu Mugam is actually a good movie besides the character of Alex Pandian and a thrilling catfight between Radhika and Silk Smitha.
5. Your opinion of no: 4 is due to the fact that all you’ve seen of Moondru Mugam is this
6. You didnt realize that when the evil Rajini walked out first time in Enthiran, he was referencing Moondu Mugam UNTIL that Rajini fan next to you shouted it out.
7. After getting the information at no: 6, you now believe anyone who doesnt know this piece of trivia is a fake Rajini fan.
8. You link videos of Japanese people imitating Rajini in Facebook/Twitter/Gtalk etc.
9. You have no idea why some idiots keep mentioning “From 6 to 60 machi” whenever they talk about Rajini.
10. You think you’ve understood everything about the Chauvinistic philosophy of thought by merely watching this 4 mins video.
11. You think you’ve seen the entire Rajini movie Aval Apaditaan merely by watching the video at no: 10.
12. You think you’re more intelligent than the average Rasigar Manram idiot who spills milk while you spill misinformed adulation.
13. You think you’ve seen the entire Mullum Malarum movie by watching this 2 minutes video.
14. You’re happy that CNN IBN, NDTV and TIMES NOW are giving Rajini prime time coverage.
15. You never wonder why the channels at no: 14 never had a second look at Rajini until 2007.
16. You’re happy that the people up North “like” Rajini now.
17. You don’t realize that movies are very culture-specific and don’t just cross all the hurdles magically within 4 years to become a national phenomenon.
18. You were overjoyed when you heard that the “Thalaivar’s” daughter was getting married.
19. You laugh at idiots who still prefer Padayappa or Baasha over Enthiran. I mean c’mon what could be more accurate? Remembering that moment in theatre when Anandraj got clobbered from 15 years ago or something that the online reviews say is awesome.
20. You don’t know why I mentioned Anandraj in no: 19.
21. You have no clue who Anandraj is.
22. You think that the only movie where Rajini has played himself is Kuselan.
23. You need to open a new tab/window to find the answer the question at no: 22.
24. You still haven’t found the answer to 22
25. You don’t know what was Rajini’s first movie with Meena.
26. You don’t realize that the answer to no: 25 and no: 22 are the same
and finally :-
27. You think you’ve decoded the Rajini “Magic”.

So chaps, now that you (your conscience) have found out whether you qualify to join the organization or not, do spread the word around. Let us collect all these beautiful people under one roof and let them bask in their own awesomeness.

Oh, and before I forget, remember that all new members will be provided with discount vouchers to dine at Kaarthic Tiffin Center along with copies of the following movies to watch in their free time ; Siva, Kaali, Kazhugu, Thanikaattu Raja, Rajathi Raaja and Raja Chinna Roja. (Disclaimer: To collect the DVDs kindly go to Raj Video Vision. DVDs may not be free of cost.)

I’ve not seen too many female Faithful Allakais of Rajini Thondargal besides in the blog world and some of the big cities. Girls are a bit more pragmatic than us. I guess after Mapillai, Mannan and Padayappa that was obvious. Although if someone reading this still happens to be a combination of female and Rajini fan, my condolences to you.


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Perspective – Vetti Pechu, Kutti pochu?

(Signing in……SARajkumarfan is online.)
(SARajkumarfan is listening to Paanipoori.)

brokenBaleward: oi..
SARajkumarfan: enna da..
bB: Send me Army of Shadows da. It’s on Ebert’s “Great Movies” list.
SAR: Oh, I don’t have my harddisk da. It’s doing the rounds.
bB: Damn. Seri, so 6 tickets confirmed for tonight right?
SAR: Ya.
bB: How is he? (SAR’s roommate)
SAR: Avana. He’s drunk himself silly for the past 2 days. Keeps mistaking the microwave oven for the wash basin. Enna prechanayo….
longLostTraveller: hi!

SAR: hi da.
longLostTraveller: hi! i just took an IQ quiz here.. got a 113 lol… I thought I was smarter than that
longLostTraveller: you should see if you can do better than me… if u can ill buy you a drink
SAR: Er…
longLostTraveller: try it… http://iqtestyourself.com I bet you cant haha

(SAR calls up longLostTraveller on phone and informs him that his google talk account has been hacked.)

SAR: Ya. So where were we?
bB: Something about a drinking problem.
SAR: Uhun. I tried talking to him. But he’s not interested…..
VazhukaiViswa: WTF!

SAR: Enna da.
VazhukaiViswa: Results outa?
SAR: Yeah dude. last week. Out machi.
VV: Shit….let me check.
(After a few minutes..)
VV: Cleared. nalla vela.
SAR: Dai, where were you last night?
VV: I was..talking to my periyappa da.
longLostTraveller: Hi!
(ALT + F4)
SAR: Seri. BTW I need that textbook I mentioned that day. You have a copy right? I’ll buy it for half price.
(VazhukaiViswa is typing…….VazhukaiViswa has entered text…….VazhukaiViswa is typing……VazhukaiViswa has enered text…..VazhukaiViswa is typing)
VV: I sold it to someone da.
SAR: Oh. appo seri. Dai you are coming tonight right?
VV: Of course da.
SAR: Rightu. I just wanted to…
butterCup: hey.

SAR: hi.
butterCup: Hey. I need a small favour.
SAR: ya?
butterCup: I am unable to reach him. I’ve tried the phone as well. He tried calling me yesterday night. I was busy then. Is he there?
SAR: yeah. He’s totally drunk.
butterCup: Can you inform him that I can’t meet him tonight?
SAR: eh?
butterCup: Ya. I’ve got dance practice. It’s a make-up session.
SAR: Alright.
butterCup: Thanks 🙂
SAR: Any thing else for delivery madam?
butterCup: Asshole.

SAR: As I was saying.. he looked totally knocked out. Relationships machi…
brokenBaleward: Hmm…
longLostTraveller: Hi!
(ALT + F4)
SAR: This is why I prefer remaining single. Life stays simple.
bB: You prefer…lol
kaiPulla: dai.

SAR: Enna da.
kaiPulla: You have any extra tickets for tonight?
SAR: Saar, Enna saar Bharatanatyam practice ellam cut adikireenga? Last descendant of Vadivelu!
kP: Sigh. I joined so that I can get a room to stay for the next semester. Sold my soul for accommodation.
(Note: In some colleges doing extra-curricular activities earn points for the students. These points are then used when allotting rooms for students to stay in the college hostels. These activities may range from dance, writing, doing edupudi velai for random college events or simply knowing seniors who’ll just give you these points for playing an ancient Indian instrument called jalra so well. The last part is popularly known as “Networking.”)
SAR: Lol!
kP: Freeya Vidu. Anyways tonight’s dance class was cancelled.
SAR: What!!
VV: Machi.

SAR: enna da.
VV: I can’t make it tonight da. I’ve got to go meet my periyappa.
SAR: !!!
VV: enna da?
SAR: Periyappa! LOL!!!
VV: What?
SAR: ROFMLAO! Make-up session indeed. Have a nice time with your periyappa. LOL!
(hears the sound of his roommate calling out the other lions with a deafening roar before flooding the oven.)
longLostTraveller: hi!
longLostTraveller: hi! i just took an IQ quiz here.. got a 113 lol… I thought I was smarter than that.


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